Monday, April 27, 2015

Share a book with mom for Mother's Day!

Show moms and grandmas a little extra love this Mother's Day by sharing some of these great books with them!

Wish Upon a Mom - Adam Beechen
When Timmy's mom can't spend time with him on Mother's Day he wishes she could be with him all the time. POOF! Cosmo and Wanda happily oblige before heading off to Fairy World. But when Timmy realizes that "all the time" means she'll be with him every second of the day, he has to find Cosmo and Wanda fast before his mom really embarrasses him!

Mars Needs Moms! - Berkeley Breathed
When a disgruntled boy sees his mother being kidnapped by Martians, he realizes he loves her and will go to any lengths to protect her.

Clifford's Happy Mother's Day - Norman Bridwell
Mother's Day is coming, and Emily Elizabeth is gathering together some surprises for her mom: candy, flowers, and a card she'll make herself. Uh-oh! Clifford accidentally knocks over the ink and tracks paw prints over the card and Emily's sweater!

My Mom - Anthony Browne
A child describes the many wonderful things about "my mom," who can make anything grow, roar like a lion, and be as comfy as an armchair.

The Mother's Day Mice - Eve Bunting
It's Mother's Day and the three mouse brothers, Biggest, Middle, and Little, have only a short time to get their presents.

My Mom is Excellent - Nick Butterworth
A young boy describes all the amazing things that his mother can do.

M.O.M. (Mom Operating Manual) - Doreen Cronin
A guide to the care and maintenance of mothers, who are, according to the manual, "the most advanced human models on the planet."

Mother, You're the Best (But Sister, You're a Pest) - Diane deGroat
Gilbert wants to do something special for his mother on Mother's Day, but first he must stop his sister, Lola, from being the center of attention.

Happy Mother's Day - Stephen Kroll
One day when Mom returns home she is greeted by surprise after surprise from each of her six children and her husband.

Just Me and My Mom - Mercer Mayer
Little Critter enjoys a special day in the city with his mother.

How to Babysit a Grandma - Jean Reagan
A little girl provides instructions for properly babysitting one's grandmother, such as taking trips to the park and singing duets.

Trade-In Mother - Marisabina Russo
Max discusses with his mother good reasons why he'd like to trade her in, but admits there is one reason to keep her.

Oliver, Amanda, and Grandmother Pig - Jean Van Leeuwen
Oliver and Amanda soon discover that their grandmother is a very special person who keeps Amanda company, helps Oliver out of trouble and is the best baby-sitter when mother is out.

Lyle Finds His Mother - Bernard Waber
Lyle the Crocodile leaves his happy home on East 88th Street with the Primms to go in search of his mother at the urging of his former employer Hector P. Valenti, star of stage and screen.

Hazel's Amazing Mother - Rosemary Wells
When Hazel and her beloved doll Eleanor are set upon by bullies, Hazel's mother comes to the rescue in a surprising way.

31 Uses for a Mom - Harriet Ziefert
Humorous drawings show some different ways in which moms serve their children.

All titles are available at the branches of the Easton Area Public Library. To request a book from the Easton, Allentown, or Bethelehem Public Libraries, use our online catalog or call the library. Each request is $0.50.

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